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How to Drive B2B SEO Traffic with Target Audience Strategies

There are many B2B businesses that struggle to reach their target audience through SEO. This can be due to several things. For one, they may be providing a very specific product or service that solves a very particular problem that their customers have, so there won’t be a large search volume. Next, there might be high competition for the keywords being used. Lastly, search engine algorithms have evolved and might not show the page a company is trying to push.

To avoid wasting time & effort trying to increase traffic with high-competition, low-traffic keywords, follow these strategies!

1) Communicate with your target audience
This can be done through surveys and one on one conversations. The key is to find out:
• What their challenges are?
• What do they spend most of their workday doing?
• What websites do they read the most?

2) Research relevant conferences
One way to find great relevant content to post is by researching conferences for your target industry, and looking at their agendas. Event organizers have a strong financial incentive to offer presentations that attendees will want to see. Write your content around the topics presented in the agenda.

3) Competitor Forums
Another way to find great topics to write content about is to visit the forums and help sections of your competitors. If a customer problem is being answered on the main page of the forum or help section, chances are that a large percentage of customers are having the same problem.

4) Keyword Research
Much like event organizers, online publications focus on presenting content that will yield financial gains. Find out what online publications your target audience is reading and run the website through SEMrush, to find out the keywords that drive traffic to the site, and BuzzSumo, to see what content gets shared the most.

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