How To Dress Up Your Blog Posts in 2018

Looking for ways to spruce up your blog posts in 2018? We’ve got you covered! Follow along for tips on things to add  to improve your search rankings and get more user engagement.

Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts


  1. Add Featured Images– If your general post page allows for it, add a featured image to each of your blog posts for a more visually-appealing post page.
  2. Use Numbered Lists– Blog posts that include a numbered list get more views and user engagement. They are also easy to skim, which appeals to a lot of readers.
  3. Add a Sidebar– Adding a sidebar will give you several possibilities to add more content and links to social media, other pages on your site, or other relevant content that users might be interested in.
  4. Work on the Design– Write some custom CSS to spruce up the overall appearance of your post pages. The change will get returning readers’ attention and entice new readers to come back.
  5. Display Popular Posts– If a user enjoys your post, make it as easy as possible for them to read more posts right away. Add an area that displays your most popular posts to be sure to give them material they will like.
  6. Break Up Your Content– If your blog is just a large paragraph of content, odds are that fewer people will read it. Use various techniques to break it up and make it easily read and skimmable so it is accessible.

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