How To Determine Your Next Step with SEO

SEO can be an extremely valuable process, but when it comes to determining what to tackle next, it can be a bit difficult. With so many items, you may not know where to go next. This being said, this is typically because there is so much to do, and not the opposite. SEO is one of those things that is ever-changing. Not knowing where to go next is a common problem, but it can be easily fixed by prioritizing and just getting however much done as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the prioritization strategies you can take.


One of the things to prioritize is the impact of what you are doing. There are many things you need to focus on, however, things such as the following will need to be implemented first:

  • Metadata
  • H-Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Redirects
  • Cannonical Tags
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt


While impact items need to be put in place, these can kind of take care of themselves after a while. While it is important to update sitemaps and metadata, etc. it is also important to get content on the site in any way, as these keywords will have the long term impact that you are looking for with a site. Having a blog is very helpful, in that you can hit a lot of the technical keywords you will want to relate back to your business, but similarly, you will want to eventually start implementing service area pages, where you can hit on multiple geolocation keywords.


Depending on your resources, you may not be able to perform certain technical SEO items, and because of this, you will want to hold off. Holding off is the best thing you can do until you have all the resources you need to do this successfully.

Hold Back a Bit

Sometimes, holding back can have its advantages. We have seen this with multiple things as of late, including the fact that emojis were doing great in search results and then starting tanking. We can also see this in the 300 word meta descriptions which have also recently gotten deduced back down again.

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