How To Determine Why Your Google Rankings Have Plummeted

If you ask a business owner and an SEO professional what the most important goal of search engine optimization is, they would likely give you two conflicting answers. The business owner would say that the main goal is to increase their business through conversions, while the SEO specialist would say it’s about being as noticeable on search engines as possible. Neither of these two viewpoints is wrong – in fact, they’re both correct! The two goals work hand in hand to support each other, as higher visibility means an increased chance of getting more business. So, what happens if your business was ranking well on search engines but takes an unexpectedly sharp drop? We show you how to identify and take on the problem below!

Look For Algorithm Changes

The number one thing that Google asks its users to look for when they notice dramatic freefalls like this is changes that it makes to its algorithms. Google works with countless algorithms, updating them frequently to try to cater better to the user experience. Sometimes, these changes can have a big effect on the way Google processes website content. Therefore, some strategies that were effective in the past could become non-optimal in the future. If you see a big algorithm change that causes your rankings to drop, study what the update changed and then see how you can apply it to your website.

Look For Technical Issues

Having a website audit performed can shed light on some problems that you may not have been aware of before. Problems like pages with 5xx server errors, 404 pages, broken links, and missing alt text can prevent Google from having an easy time crawling through your website. Page speed is another factor that can hamper its ability to process data. The harder it is for Google to see and understand your content, the harder it will be to rank well on search engines. Having a technically sound website is paramount to ranking well. If your audit brings up massive issues, it’s a surefire cause of the drop in rankings!

Look At Your Competition

Don’t assume that your competitors lack the SEO savvy that your business has! There’s a reason why they’re called your competition – they’ll likely be just as fiercely committed to boosting their rankings. This is why competitor analysis is an integral part of SEO: it allows you to determine what your rivaling businesses are doing that works for them, enabling you to adopt a similar practice to your own strategy. If you’ve noticed that your rankings have fallen due to a competitor taking the top spot, you may want to consider why that is!

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