How to Determine Blog Keywords

You have your website’s service pages optimized for keywords related to the overall mission of your business, but what about niche services?  Blogging is where we optimize for niche keywords, such as sub services or a specific aspect of a service.

What does this mean for SEO?  Developing more content around your business’s niche services draws in an audience of users who are curious about and searching for information on specific products or services.

The end result of writing blogs about niche services is being able to boost your brand with increased recognition for those specific services, and start to gain authority in the digital marketing realm.

Here are three ways you can use your blog to increase your reach:

1. Use general terms – The thing to remember is that the user came to your blog post to learn more about the service, so use simple, easy-to-understand language for the user who doesn’t know anything about your product or service, and use general search terms that are easy to rank for.

2. Use long-tail keywords – Along with writing general keywords, be sure to write content that includes long-tail keywords that you or your competitors may not be using.  Optimizing your blog posts with long-tail keywords allows you to develop a target, niche audience rather than trying to appeal to the masses.  Long-tail keywords are less competitive than general keyword terms, and helps you stand out from competitors who aren’t ranking for niche services you’re trying to promote.

3. Answer questions – Think like the consumer and write your content based off information, or answers a question you think your customers would want, or need to know.  Answering questions allows you to deliver useful information for users, but also allows you to produce quality content that improves your search rankings for those specific keywords.

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