How To Deal With The New Instagram Algorithm Change

As of January 2018, Instagram has been seeing some huge changes and the effects can be seen in engagement, as well as visibility. One of the biggest things that Instagram is working towards is the elimination of bots and fake accounts, as we are all most familiar with.

What Is Seen As Spammy?

There are many things that Instagram is now considering to be spammy, and that is decreasing the visibility of many posts. Before, this was not occurring as often, leading to the rise of spam accounts, that build or buy fake followers in order to gain “credibility.” Some of the tell-tale signs of spam accounts are as follows:

  • Accounts that utilize the same hashtags over and over again.
  • Accounts that gain obscene amounts of followers “overnight” with no reason.
  • Accounts that follow-unfollow other accounts.
  • Accounts that leave the same comments over and over again, including the same emojis, as well as something like “great pic!”
  • Accounts that are part of “pods”, which is when accounts band together and consistently comment and like each other’s posts, which can lead to “shadow banning”, also known as Instagram decreasing your visibility to 10%.


What Can I Do To Stay On Top?

There are many strategies that people have started to implement across their Instagram account to come out on top again. Below is our checklist of best practices for running your Instagram account.


  • Make sure to comment on other peoples’ images, but with eight or more words, so that it is counted as a genuine comment.
  • Make sure to respond within 60 minutes to comments on your post.
  • Like images by geolocation.
  • Start commenting on others posts 30 minutes before you post.
  • NEVER buy followers or likes, as this can get you in a lot of trouble with Instagram.



  • Utilize different hashtags every couple of posts so that your account is not viewed as spammy.
  • Do not post and then delete within 30 minutes, as it can decrease your visibility.



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