How To Deal With New Social Media Platforms

It’s hard to believe that Facebook will be 10 years old this year. A decade ago, the social media scene was sparse and MySpace ruled the interwebs. These days however it seems like the market is saturated with new social media channels popping up left and right. How are online marketers supposed to keep up with everything?

Go with the flow

Whenever a new social media platform rolls out, always be sure to do your research on it first. Read user and industry professional reviews to determine whether or not this platform will be beneficial for your business. Understand that there’s always going to be a slight learning process; but if you’ve already been managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, then picking up a new platform should be relatively painless — just make sure you embrace the challenge.

No need to dive head first

We know you’re probably anxious to get up to speed on the latest and greatest, but take a deep breath and ease yourself into the new social media platform. Doing anything in a hurry results in sloppy work; and no business wants that. Take the time to get familiar with all the features of the new channels you’re interested in, then after you’ve weighed pros and cons for all of them, make your decision based on what your company needs most.

Take on a “when life gives you lemons…” approach

When life gives you lemons (or a newly released platform every 3 months), make lemonade. Always strive to make the best of a changing environment; your business is adapting to changes in other aspects, so why shouldn’t your online marketing strategy evolve and grow too? Customers and users are always looking for unique and easy ways to connect with companies and brands, which means it’s your job to find a new pathway before your competitors. Always make sure to run some A-B testing; use an existing platform while testing out the new platform at the same time to determine which one is more effective for a particular outreach campaign.

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