How to Create the Perfect Meta Description for SEO

When it comes to SEO, meta descriptions are extremely important. A meta description is a blurb of about 160 characters that sums up the content on the page. Meta descriptions are shown in search results when the searched keywords are also present in the meta description. It is important to optimize your meta description so that search engines can rank your page higher when you have quality information that users are searching for. Here are 5 ways to optimize your meta description to make it as perfect as can be for SEO.

Make Sure You Use All 160 Characters

Although the perfect length of a meta description doesn’t really exist, it is important to get all the information you want to convey in the first 160 characters. Sometimes descriptions can go up to 300 characters, but if Google does not think the whole description is good enough it has a chance of getting cut off. This is not ideal if you have a longer description and an important piece of information is at the end. Get all the crucial information in the first 160 characters to ensure that all the information that needs to get seen will be displayed.

Include a Call to Action

Including a call to action in the meta description is important so that people have an incentive to click on the page. Invitations like “Learn more”, “Call now”, “Buy now”, etc. will help users want to interact more with the information, thus clicking on the page.

Contain Important Keywords

When writing meta descriptions you should include popular keywords that people are searching for that are related to your page. If the keyword that people are searching is also present in the meta description, it is more likely that the page is ranked higher on search and Google will highlight the matched keyword. You can find what keywords your website and specific pages are getting found for on Google Search Console.

Show Specifications

If your page is displaying a product or service, it is important to include the specifics that come with that product or service. When people are searching, they often get very specific with their search since they know exactly what they want. If someone is looking for women’s cheetah boots with a heel it is important to include all of those specifics in the description. If you only include women’s boots in the description it is less likely that your page will pop up, even if you do carry that specific boot.

Be Unique

Make sure your description isn’t the same as every other page on your website. Having the same description doesn’t properly show what is on each page. Because of this, your page is less likely to be ranked high since it most likely won’t match any keyword searches other than a few. You want to build out each of your websites page descriptions to match exactly what is on each page.

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