How to create the best landing pages

Landing pages on a website are as crucial to your company’s SEO strategy as anything else when it comes to getting your site visitors to convert to purchasing something or contacting you. Getting customers to the website is half the task; getting them to fulfill your goal is the whole other, and landing pages are necessary. Writing a landing page is all about making it as easy as possible for the customer to find the information they are looking for and in turn, taking that information to make a positive business decision for you (making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, etc.) In this blog, we will dive into some of the best strategies for creating a good landing page.

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How does your product benefit your customer?

When you are looking for a product or service, the real thing you want to know is how that service will benefit you. Create your landing pages as if you were the customer deciding on your product. Ask yourself questions that you would want answered as if you were coming to your site looking for a service or product. How is this product better than the rest? How will it benefit me? Is the price right? All of these questions need to be answered on your landing page to not only get important information out to customers but also to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Customer feedback is invaluable!

Customer feedback and reviews are not only helpful for search engines when it comes to ranking for SEO but they can also be a vital on-page SEO element on your landing page. Feedback or reviews on your landing page are important, as they show that you have had other positive experiences with your product or service. The best part about reviews is that they are free to collect and advertise wherever you want. Gathering reviews for SEO is a key element to having successful search engine marketing. 

Include eye-catching elements!

Customers are not going to land on landing pages looking to comb through multiple paragraphs of text looking for their answers. As many of us know, the shortened attention span of web viewers is something that must be accounted for. It’s important to not only have text-based content on your landing page but to also include images and other interactive elements like videos, forms, image carousels, etc. Having these eye-catching and non-text-heavy elements that can accomplish the same goal as a paragraph is important to not only make the page visually appealing but also not bore your customer into looking for an easier, more direct option. 

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