How To Create Simple Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever been asked to design a new website or some infographics for work? Let’s face it: Not every one of us is an Illustrator or Photoshop genius. It is almost always a nightmare when it comes to adding visuals to a landing page, blog post or social media post. Obviously, it is impossible to just pick up any picture you can find on Google due to copyright issues. You shouldn’t keep using stock photos either because it is bland and it doesn’t promote your brand’s characteristics in any way.

Fortunately, many online design tools were created to solve this issue. These design tools are usually drag-and-drop, which means you don’t need to possess any advanced drawing or designing skill to create a visually appealing poster or photo. They usually have a huge library of clip arts which makes it easier to create your desired design. If you want to use your own logos or clip art, you are also more than welcome to do so! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite design tools:

Adobe Spark

Among all the online design tools, Adobe Spark is probably our most favorite tool because of its simplicity. Make no mistake, Adobe Spark is very powerful and able to accommodate almost every visual marketer’s needs. Users have the options to create three types of content: Page, Post or Video. You can create individual contents or you can combine them together: Video with a Post or Page with a Video etc., you get the idea. It’s free!


If you think Adobe Spark is a bit lacking in features, Canva might be a better choice. It has the same drag-and-drop features which makes designing much easier. At the same time, Canva provides access to over a million of graphics and fonts. The online website also caters to your specific design needs such as poster, postcard, Facebook cover etc. The downside of Canva is that most of its search result images are premium and will cost you money to use.


PicMonkey has very similar features to Adobe Spark and Canva. The most important thing about PicMonkey is that it costs you a subscription fee to use which varies depending on which packages you opt for. However, you can sign up for a 7-day-trial and try out all the features PicMonkey has to offer.

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