How to Create Several Pieces of SEO Content from One Topic

To keep traffic flowing on your website, it is important to have a constant flow of relevant and original content that engages your audience. Running a business involves performing several tasks that require your attention every day, sometimes all at once. With so much to do, you must be able to use your time accordingly and wisely. A simple solution is to use one content idea and scale it to use across your website and social channels. By taking a video on a relevant topic, you can repurpose it into several forms of media that can be published across multiple different platforms. Here are some steps to get you started.

1. Brainstorm

When choosing a topic, it is important to find one that is relevant to what your audience is most interested in. One of the easiest ways to do this is by conducting research for popular keywords and phrases. By analyzing what your target audience is looking for the most, you can use this to determine what to base your content around. For tips on how to perform keyword research, contact us, or read our blog. Another way to choose a topic is by taking a look into your previous content and identifying which topics had the most traffic. You can piggy-back off of these ideas and turn it into new content that takes a deeper look into each specific detail. Before finalizing your idea, you must make sure that this topic is broad enough to create several pieces of content across several different platforms.

2. Record

After choosing your topic, it is time to record your video. This is where you can really let your creativity run free with many styles of video creation you can choose from. Depending on the main idea of your topic, you can choose a more traditional approach of recording a scene using a camera and script, or you can create a digitally designed video that uses images, clips, and graphics. There are several free tools and software available online that can assist you in recording and editing your video. It is not as important how long your video is, but that they are full of quality content.

3. Transcribe

Before you can morph your video into other SEO formats, you must first transcribe it down to the smallest possible details. This process can be extremely tedious but is key to content creation. Transcription includes the full description and rewriting of words, verbal implications, settings, and actions and their intentions. The average time it takes to transcribe an hour-long video is about 3 ½ hours due to the call for attention to detail. There are also several tools online that can automatically transcribe your videos for you in just a few hours.

4. Break Down & Format

Once your video is fully transcribed, you can begin to format it into the specifications to fit other forms of digital content. When using your video for social media purposes, you are first going to want to shorten the length according to the specifications required by each platform. To create a still photo, you can simply grab a screenshot from the original video. If you are looking to write a blog or FAQ section, you can use direct quotations and descriptions to fill out an outline. Direct quotes can also be used for writing captions or creating text-based graphics.

5. Upload & Publish

Now that your content is created and formatted, you are ready to publish. When looking for the best time to schedule your upload, you want to choose a time where your webpage receives the most traffic. Similar to keyword research, you can also apply your SEO analytical tools to discover when your page is being used the most. For more help on how to schedule your social media posts, read our blog.

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By simply starting with a video idea, you can create content for any platform you are interested in. Using this ability to create a lot from a little allows you to perform the other important tasks in regards to running your business. For more information on how you can optimize your content, social media accounts, or webpages, contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096, or by filling out our contact form.

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