How To Create SEO Content for B2B

Creating high-quality content is just as important for B2B businesses as B2C. With B2B, there are different tactics to keep in mind while creating this content if you want it to rank highly on Google. The biggest issue with creating B2B content is with targeting. You have to keep in mind an entire team of decision-makers with B2B, and it can take longer for them to convert. 

Your content may need to convince a CEO your product will save their company money, show a Head of marketing how your product solves a problem, and prove to IT that your product is technically possible for their company all in one piece of content. 

Continue reading to learn more about creating content for B2B that will rank highly and convert potential clients. 

Know your Audience

To truly know your audience, you need to understand the target audience’s internal decision-makers. Typical demographics through Google Analytics don’t apply here since there are more intra-organizational levels to keep in mind. 

Try speaking with your own company’s sales or customer support teams. These teams work with potential and existing customers already daily. Ask them for as many details as possible, including frequently asked questions and common customer issues. 

Surveying your current customers can also help you understand the audience. Collect data on the size of their companies and their individual roles. Add plugins to integrate surveys into your content. 

Plan our your Keywords

Try to create content that will answer multiple questions. It can be difficult to see exactly what your audience is searching for. Try typing keywords into Google the way you would typically search for them, and pay attention to:

  • Google Autocomplete in the search bar
  • “People Also Ask” and any featured snippets
  • Google’s “Related Searches”
  • Google categories below organic search results on mobile

These features will help you collect search terms to include in your content that is relevant to what your audience is searching for. Keyword research tools can help expand and discover more terms. 

Keyword clustering helps to discover search patterns. Use this guide on keyword clusters to create a content strategy for both B2B and B2C content.  

Repurpose your B2B Content

Publishing your content is just the first step to gaining traction and getting as much from your content as you can. Promoting and repurposing your content include social media promotion, email marketing, and more. 

Emailing is a main form of communication for B2B businesses. Including the most recent or important content in your email signature can create more clicks and even backlinks.

Repurposing content comes in handy with B2B, as there are so many people to target within your audience. Creating a downloadable PDF is the first step to make your content easy to share. Converting your content into video format is also a great way to reach an audience through YouTube.

Reusing visuals, such as infographics or screenshots, to create PowerPoints can also be shared on LinkedIn or Slideshare.

Create B2B Content with Boston Web Marketing

Understanding your audience, creating high-quality content, and repurposing that content to share on social media is a lot of work. That is where Boston Web Marketing comes in. Our experts can complete all of the necessary steps to help you rank on Google and create more leads for your business. Call us today to get started. 

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