How To Create An SEO Strategy

SEO is not one size fits all. Sure, there are a variety of tactics that should be employed by every website. Adding keywords to metadata, making your website load quicker, and adding structured data are all good places to start. But the key to good SEO is to tailor your strategy to your website. This requires data-driven decision making. By tracking the right data and understanding the underlying story of your website’s data you can tailor your approach to improve conversions and sales on your website.

How Should I Track Website Data?

There are a variety of tools for tracking website data. By default, most websites install Google Analytics as it is both free and very robust. However there are other tracking platforms you might consider using, there are of course SEO tools like Moz or SEMRush that combine your Google Analytics tracking with their own tracking to create a dashboard dedicated to SEO improvements. But for beginners that might not want to invest in larger SEO tools, Google Analytics easily suffices. And with Google Tag Manager added on, Google Analytics can be even more effective. (View our guide on how to set this up).

What Can You Learn From Google Analytics Data

Once you have a few months of data through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics you can parse through the data to look for trends. By setting up conversions in Google Tag Manager you can see which pages on your website are leading customers to call you, email you, or send contact forms. Additionally, by organizing pages by how many views they each get you can see your highest performing content as well as your exit pages. Looking at the data holistically you can begin to track how an average user lands on your website, what pages they view, what pages they convert on, and what pages they leave the website from. All of this data can help you tailor an SEO strategy to strengthen the calls to action on your higher-performing pages and funnel users to those pages from lower-performing pages.

How To Implement New SEO Plans

There are a few things to pay attention to in your Google Analytics report. If you notice that your mobile traffic has a significantly lower conversion rate than desktop, consider redesigning the mobile website to make it more user-friendly and implement a sticky footer that makes it easy to call. If you notice an exit page has a significantly short average duration, consider if this page is loading too slowly or other reasons why it might be causing people to leave your website prematurely.

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