How to Create an Engaging IGTV Channel

Instagram TV or for short IGTV, is a video channel from Instagram and it’s also a standalone app. Since it’s launch in June of 2018, IGTV is still becoming more and more popular to brands, businesses, and influencers alike.

What is IGTV?

Let’s get to the basics of an IGTV. They’re stories that are meant to be longer than the stories you would generally place on your Instagram profile. If you are a “regular” Instagram user, then your IGTV story can be 10 minutes long. If you are a verified Instagram user then your IGTV can be up to an hour long.

A few months ago, in early 2019 Instagram made an update to IGTV which has grown it’s popularity. They now allow a preview to be posted as a normal story on your profile, which grew the concept. It allowed people to gain more visibility with these stories and the usage went up.

How to use IGTV?

Before you can post a story onto IGTV, you need to make a channel. To do this, you click on IGTV logo near the top-right corner of your home feed, this looks like an old school TV with antennas coming out of the top. You then tap the gear icon and click create a channel. It’s important to note, that your IGTV channel will have the same privacy settings as your account.

When you create your first video, you should always share a one minute preview of your video to your Instagram feed which will increase views and engagement. Those viewers can continue to watch your IGTV story by clicking “Keep Watching.”

How to Ensure People will Watch Your Video

There are a few ways to have your content be engaging and to make sure that it’s seen. One thing you want to do is to cross-promote your post. You should do this on your Instagram story, share the one minute preview of your IGTV story onto your profile and Instagram feed, and share your IGTV story to a connected Facebook business page.

You can also share your IGTV video on Twitter as a link, in an email newsletter,  and then your personal Facebook page.

To let people know what the video is about and to keep them wanting to watch you should let them know what it’s about, and don’t be afraid to let them know why you think they should watch it.

Need Social Media Help?

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