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How to Create a Youtube Content Strategy

When it comes to putting content on Youtube, you want to create content that will be both informative and entertaining. Many people go on Youtube to learn new skills and new information. Youtube is also an opportunity to showcase your unique personality as a brand. Because you are a real person sharing real information, there’s an opportunity to build trust with your audience with a more authentic interaction. However, creating great content is only half the battle, you also want to make sure it can get found on Youtube and Google search.

Educational Content

In order for people to find your content on Youtube, one of the best ways is to provide your audience with information that they are interested in learning about. These can be how-to’s, product spotlights/comparisons, or any other relevant information you think your audience might be interested in learning about. These topics are usually highly searched and will help you get your brand in front of people.

Recording The Video

To start, try and keep videos between 3-7 minutes, with 5 minutes being the sweet spot. If you have access to a real camera and a tripod, use it! If not, you can still get good quality footage from a phone, but make sure you stabilize it while you’re recording and be wary of covering the microphone while you film- always test the audio before your final take. Stable video with clear audio goes a long way with increasing your credibility and your brand.

Titles, Descriptions & Tags

Youtube SEO works a lot like webpage SEO, so try to make the descriptions as long and informative as possible. Make sure that they are accurate to the information provided in the video, but also try to include as many relevant keywords as possible to title, description and tags. You can also add links to any relevant products or services to your website: this helps create valuable backlinks and brings in traffic to your site. Similarly, embedding the video on your website is also a great way to gain views and engage with your audience

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