How to Create a Twitter Thread

When Twitter initially announced in September that they were testing a new 280-character limit, the response was mixed.  Users were either excited to expound upon what they could say in a single Tweet, or were disappointed in the change because creating a profound message in less than 140 characters was the fundamental element on Twitter.
But there’s also another way of going beyond the limits of 280 characters: creating a Twitter Thread.

What’s a Twitter Thread?

In Twitter culture, a thread, also known as a “tweetstorm,” is a train of thought where users can discuss topics in a series of tweets, simply by replying to the last tweet.  Users can retweet the first tweet, and other users can view the entire thread at one given time.
Creating a Twitter thread is an easier way to get your message across without losing character space, or not having a message at all because the thought is too extensive.
For those times when you really have something to say, here’s how to thread your Tweets together:

  1. Send a Tweet.
  2. Click “Reply” on that Tweet.
  3. Delete your @ username and send a another Tweet.

If you want to test out your character limit within the thread, using Chirr App, is a great tool to utilize to know how your thread is going to appear once it goes live.

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