How To Create A Twitter Strategy

Twitter can be a very useful tool, especially during a time of an event of some sort. A good example of this is during the Oscars. An event such as a this can cause a lot of immediate feedback, and this is the time that most people will be online. This being said, most “events” are not planned. For the ones that are, such as music and movie awards, or a specific movie is showing for the first time, or even during a specific, very popular show every week,  these are the times that you will want to be posting for the most engagement.
In terms of advertising, you would want to promote tweets when you think the highest amount of your target market will be online. Other than this, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to increase engagement on Twitter.
Voice: creating your own voice can be crucial to your branding. It can help to create an ambiance behind your brand that is hard to find anywhere else.
Check Consistently: Scheduling your social media can be super easy and very helpful, but it is important to make sure to check your social media consistently in order to make sure firstly, things are going correctly and secondly, checking the data that you can, including likes, shares, etc. in order to make sure your posts are engaging your audience.
Be Adaptable: Adaptability can be very important. From algorithm changes to followers, you will need to change up a little bit in order to get to that target audience that you want.
Create Conversations: Creating conversations can be great for engagement. By creating a conversation, people will want to respond, and therefore, continue that conversation and potentially even take it to a different level.
Switch it Up: Similarly to adaptability, this essentially just means to consistently be up to date on the new trends. An example of this is the new 280 doubled character count, which can help immensely with branding and brand recognition.

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