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How to Create a Social Media Strategy

With the emergence of business accounts, social networks have become overcrowded with brands. High competition for customers’ attention takes social media management to a whole new level. These days it’s not enough to have an account and occasionally post something. A successful social media strategy consists of different factors that are strategically integrated in order to grasp and cultivate the company’s voice and brand image. We hope that by following these steps you’ll be able to create a unique social media strategy for your business.


Step 1: Set Goals

Everything you post on your company’s social media should align with the greater business objectives. Every piece of content needs to have a specific purpose and be consistent with the marketing strategy. Make sure your objectives are measurable to closely monitor your return on investment. Additionally, take a moment to explore all the trackable metrics and learn to analyze the data you gather.  


Step 2: Know Your Audience

You can’t go wrong in a conversation if you know exactly who you talk to. You have to know exactly who your followers are for your content to be appealing. This information about your users’ demographics and psychographics will come in handy when you choose to run social media ads. Think about the differences between the audiences of different networks, such as Facebook vs Snapchat, etc.


Step 3: Know Your Competition

Research your competitors online and determine what they already do well and what they should do better. Not only will it give you some industry benchmarking, but will inspire more ideas for differentiation. Use social listening apps to monitor what their followers talk about them, and what they say about you.


Step 4: Social Media Audit

Evaluate your current efforts and see where you are in terms of your social media success. Ask yourself, what’s working and what’s not? Once you figure out your extensive answers, it should get easier from there to start outlining the plan of action.


Step 5: Action

Start with the content calendar and plan ahead. Test, evaluate, repeat.

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