How to Create A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy ?

Ever since the update for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm came up, topics regarding mobile content and developing better marketing strategies have definitely been discussed. The aim is to find a way to better  reach this specific audience. Developing a mobile content strategy not only helps optimize mobile sites, but it also helps keep track of mobile behaviors. This is done by observing  what times mobile users are currently on the site, and what dates have the highest traffic.

Analyzing user behavior  allows you to set up a plan, where you can consistently submit content at the times when users on your site are the highest. If your traffic is the highest at  6 pm on mobile phones this means that you should be prepared to submit more mobile-focused content.

What does Mobile Content Consists of ?

1. When creating content for mobile users it is important to remember to write content that can be skimmed through by writing with bullet points and headings.

2. Try to compress your content as much as possible, users on mobile phones do not have the time to read through long paragraphs;  most mobile users are on the go, so writing content that is short and sweet is the way to go.

3. Make content available shareable via social media to gain more visibility with users

4.  Include various forms of media for your users to interact with. All you users are not the same, so being able to engage your users differently is a way to optimize.

5. Consider optimizing for voice search, this is highly important because most mobile queries are done so via voice record.  An example of this is applying a filter with regards to natural language and looking for keywords in that form.

When building a mobile content marketing strategy thinking about your user at every moment is key.


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