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How to Create a Content Calendar

Do you find yourself producing content for your website and social media channels on a consistent basis and then one day you’re just too busy to get to it? Before you know it, several weeks have passed and you haven’t posted any new content to your blog or social media? Creating a content calendar and scheduling out your social media will help hold yourself accountable and ensure that even during those busy weeks, you’re still posting. Don’t forget; consistent content is a key ranking factor! Not sure how to create a content calendar or what to put on it? We’re here to help.

What is a Content Calendar?

In short – a content calendar is an overview of the content that you’re going to be publishing on your website and social media channels. The purpose of the calendar is to help you know what is coming up, what content you need to work on, and when you should be posting it. Even during the busiest of weeks, your content calendar will help you stay organized, and when the day gets away from you, you’ll be able to glance it over quickly and easily.

Why Should You Use a Content Calendar?

Are you the type of person that tends to “wing” the content you are writing for your website or sharing on social media? Maybe you’re just tired of trying to figure out what to post. Either way, a content calendar will help you lay out the content you want to be sharing over the next week, month, quarter. You’ll be able to write content out ahead of time, which will help you save some time, which is so valuable. You’ll even be able to strategically plan your content if you’re working on posts that build off one another.

How to Use It

The great thing about a content calendar is that it’s yours – you can plan your content out when you want. If you’re new to a content calendar, we suggest starting with a month in advance but as you get used to the process, create three or six-month content calendars so you can keep an eye on those important dates. Once you’ve planned out your content, create a weekly to-do list so you can plan out when you’ll be creating that content and when it needs to be completed by.

Our Content Calendar Tips

The first few times you create a content calendar, the process can be overwhelming. To help make the process as seamless as possible, consider the following:

  • Keep your content consistent. For blog posts, try to post them at the same amount of time and on the same days each week/month. This will help you get into the routine of having the content published on those days.
  • You don’t need to be utilizing every social media platform. Different social media platforms work for different industries. Posting to Instagram regularly might work extremely well for a boutique, but might not have any traction for a plumber or mold removal specialist. Do your research and see where your ideal customer/client is.
  • Quality over quantity. High-quality content is going to perform much better than content that is so-so and published on a more frequent basis. It can also be extremely overwhelming to your audience.


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