How to Craft Question Headlines

There’s nothing more disappointing than crafting a quality piece of content that has a headline that does it no justice.

Producing great content requires a title that captivates the attention of the target audience, followed by social media engagement from liking, commenting, and sharing your posts.  While some headlines might be good click bait, there are other headlines that readers wouldn’t take a second glance at.

Posing a question as your blog’s headline can inspire curiosity and critical thinking, and can encourage readers to continue reading an article.  Here are some basic rules you should keep in mind when it comes to crafting a thought-provoking question headline.

Ask Questions That Will Provide Answers

If it looks like your post won’t provide an answer, your ideal audience won’t click.  And if nobody clicks, your content won’t get read and will eventually just be another post in your user’s over-saturated newsfeed.  If your post’s headline is FAQ styled, provide a strong viewpoint with engaging copy that informs your readers.

Ask “Why?”

Humans are naturally curious creatures, and asking a “Why?” question as a headline is a sure way of getting your readers to use their critical thinking skills about a particular topic.  Posing questions that your audience relates to compels them to learn more about the subject matter.

Don’t Ask Obvious Questions

If your headline asks a question that most readers will already know the answer to, they probably will scroll right past your post.

Avoid asking simple questions like, “What is a Headline?” and instead ask questions like “What Kind of Headlines Will Increase My Website Traffic?” that will entice your readers to find out the answer.

Don’t Scare Your Readers

While using headlines that include keywords and phrases such as “now,” “limited time only,” or “before it’s too late,” readers are sure to make quick decisions before it really is too late.  But scare tactics don’t work for every question headline.  A compelling title is sure to generate clicks to your blog posts, but headlines that scare your users into clicking on your content won’t deliver results you’re looking for.

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