How To Contact Google For Problems With Your Business Listing

Google has been making a lot of changes to the Business Listing dashboard over the past few months. They announced a while back that they would be merging Google Places with Google+ to create Google+ Local. This dashboard will organize most of your Google products in one simple location, including Google Place, Google AdWords, Google+ and in some cases, Google Analytics.

However, the transition to the new dashboard has not been as smooth as Google and its users would like. Over the past couple months; many users have been receiving emails regarding a number of issues, from duplicate listing, losing ownership, information being changed and not being able to edit information. Even if you did not receive any notifications from Google, it is smart to double check you still have access to your account and all the information is on your listing is correct.

If you do find that you have lost access to your listing or need to delete a duplicate listing, it is now much easier to get Google on the phone. Of course, they still are not giving out their direct phone number, but you can now submit a form to have them call you right away. You will need access to at least one Google Listing in order to do this.

First, login to your Google+ Local Dashboard and you should see the new dashboard looking like this:

Click “Edit Information”, then scroll all the way to the bottom until you see “Report problems with this listing” on the left hand column

Call Google 2

In the first paragraph, click “Call us to get help”. This will bring you to a form to request Google to call you to discuss your concerns

Call Google 3

Fill out the form properly, click “Call Me” and Google should give you a call within 1 minute.

Call Google 4

In my few experiences with Google on the phone, they have been very helpful and helped me resolved my issue within an hour. Having an optimized Google Listing is one of the most important SEO practices you can do. Make sure your listing is properly filled out and that you still have access to it!

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