How to Come Up With Engaging Content Ideas

After spending enough time writing, you’ll probably find yourself struggling to come up with ideas that both you and the reader find interesting and informative. You know there are good topics out there, but you might not be sure how to do the proper research. There are several tools out there for topic research, and you won’t even have to leave your desk!

Looking Online

The quickest way to brainstorm topics is to do some searches online. If your business has multiple products or services, you can start by typing one into your search bar to see what others have written or asked about it. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to write a Frequently Asked Questions post and are unsure what your base may be interested in. If posts don’t come up that help your cause, you can enter search terms into a question generator such as Ask the Public, which will provide questions you can answer in your blog.

Updating a Previous Post

Do you have an older post that gained a lot of traction when you first posted it, but contains out-of-date information? You can rewrite it for a new audience! While you can’t repost the same piece of content, you will be able to rewrite it for current practices or technology. If the updates aren’t drastic, you can make your original piece a series, writing a sequel that builds off of or complements the older information. If the piece was tailored to only one segment of your audience, you can write the content for another, broader segment. If your service is trending in the news, you can also write a blog based on what’s happening in the world around you.

Asking Your Coworkers

If you have people sitting around you, you can use them as a sounding board for blog topics! Your coworkers can be used to come up with new perspectives on previous posts and encouraging customer feedback, as well as different ways to look at your business as a whole.

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