How to Come Up with Content Topics for Your Website

Making sure your website has fresh, updated content is a major part of your search engine optimization efforts between blogs, new or updated service pages or location pages. Coming up with topics can be a major creative drain, especially if you are working in more of a niche field or only really focus on one service. By using the following tools and strategies, you can find new topics that are both applicable to your audience and business as well as helpful to your rankings.

Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics data is a treasure trove of information, giving you everything from how long users tend to stay on your site, which content they are looking at and what services are most popular. You’ll also be able to look back at old blogs and see which are no longer performing well and could use a refresh with updated content to match current practices and trends. Refreshing content, submitting it for reindexing and promoting it on your social media can help pages that have already been crawled and indexed get a much-needed boost for potential or even past customers who could be in need of your services.

Archived Blogs

Is your business seasonal? If you have specific times of the year when your company gets the most business, take a look at what has been written in past years! You can put a new spin on why your service is necessary and why your business is the best to perform the work. For example, if you are a roofer, you can detail why it is important to remove snow, but also how to remove ice dams if they form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another way to adjust previous topics for a new audience is by using a service to answer a question using the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why. Keeping with the roofing example, potential blog topics can include:

  • Why should I have my roof inspected once per year?
  • Who should I contact if my roof springs a leak?
  • When should I replace my roof?

Take a look at your Google Search Console dashboard to see which queries your site is appearing for the most. If you don’t have content to match it already, this can be a great opportunity to capture more clicks from search results, as well as open your site up to more impressions.

Visit a Topic Generator Website

If you are truly stuck on topics for an updated blog, there are topic generator websites available. Just plug in your main keywords and within seconds, hundreds of topics and variations will appear! One of the more popular generators in Ask the Public, which primarily generates topics in question form for interesting and searchable blogs.

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