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How To Come Up With Blog Ideas For 2018

Happy 2018! We are on to a new year, filled with new opportunities.  During the holidays its natural for small business owners to fall behind on work. Between holiday parties, end of year sales, and everything else, it’s easy to get behind with your day-to-day tasks. If your small business blog fell by the wayside during the holidays, now is the perfect time to start back up and get the momentum going for this new year. If you are struggling for blog ideas this time of the year, here are a few!

Company Plans

Does your company have any exciting plans for 2018? Maybe an expansion or new product line? If so, feel free to share this keyword rich content with your blog followers. Chances are if they are on your blog they are interested in your business! Keep them updated.

Company Goals

A great way to create a strong relationships between consumers, customers, and your company is to be open and honest about your company goals. Do you want to double in employee head count? Double in revenue? Be bold. Share your goals with your followers.

Year In Review

While many blogs post year-end blogs during the end of December, you can still do it in January, and stick out. The first few weeks in January are a great time to reflect on the prior year, you can point out highlights, or low lights. Its a great opportunity to pin point where you had success and connect with your customers, making them feel like they are part of your businesses journey.

Successful Posts

This is a common one for many businesses. A great way to get more traffic to your site or social media is to share some of your best content from the previous year. This could be a tweet, or any social media, that got a lot of retweets and interactions, or a highly read and shared blog post.  You can talk about how great it was to get that attention, and bring back awareness to the topic.

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