How To Come Up With An SEO-Friendly Blog Topic

Coming up with the perfect blog post that will drive traffic to your website can pose difficulty, especially if you are struggling with the perfect title. While there is no right or wrong blog topic title, by implementing keyword research, social listening, and competitor research, you will be able to open your blog topic list to ideas you may have never thought of. In turn, generating more blog topics allows you to create content that will help you rank higher among search engines and users. By implementing these blog topic search tools you will create SEO-friendly content that can take your website content to the next level, benefiting your business tremendously.


3 Ways Find Blog Topics:


Well-written blog content is an essential component of a strong SEO strategy, as noted by many “content is king”. Content creation can pose difficulty for many but it is a great way to keep your website ranking highly in search engines while targeting your target audience. That is why our team of content experts at Boston Web Marketing have come up with the following tips that will help guide you to find the perfect SEO blog topics to improve your website’s engagement.


1. Look At Your Analytics

Analytics such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics is a great way to find out keywords and topics that are driving users to your site. By examining these analytics you will be able to see what your audience wants. This will then allow you to use that information to produce more content on these topics. Potential users will then find your posts helpful since the blog will be about the content they are looking for.


2. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a great tool to utilize to come up with new innovative blog topics. To preface this does not mean copying what your competitor does, instead, it means getting an idea of what other businesses in your industry are discussing, giving your business the upper hand. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in competitors’ blog topics can help you improve your own businesses’ SEO and blog rankings. This will help you set yourself apart from the competition, giving your businesses their own tone and style.


3. Social Listen

Social listening on your industry’s social media pages allows you to observe other like-minded pages and groups. This will help you see what your target audience is receptive to, allowing you to capitalize on like-terms to formulate blog topics and titles. Ways to do so include checking to see what people are saying or asking about your industry. What questions can you provide answers to? By using these questions as blog topics you are positioning yourself as an expert. Giving your readers a natural draw to your page to explore and look more.


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