How to Combine Email Marketing & SEO to Boost Your Search Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not only require optimizing your website but can help improve your search results. While on-page SEO and technical SEO are essential, off-page SEO can significantly impact your online presence, specifically, Email marketing. Emails are great for engaging with your target audience and, when done correctly, can increase your reach. By combining SEO and email marketing, you can potentially drive more traffic to your website or landing page through the power of content. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can start right away.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Email marketing can help boost more traffic to your blog posts with the email list you have gathered. With a clear call-to-action button, your regular users who are genuinely interested in your content will click on the CTA button and go to your website. By doing this, you already know you have high qualified visitors; therefore, the engagement to your posts will increase, which will lower your bounce rate

Improve Users Intent in Finding Your Website

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your user experience? You can build a simple survey that illustrates your audience’s intentions when they find your website or even navigate through the pages. A survey can help generate the answers that you are looking for. Asking questions that express the users’ concerns, challenges, desires, etc. can help you build content that can answer the subscribers’ answers. The effectiveness of this tactic will go a long way as you can continue sending blog posts knowing exactly what your readers are looking for through email. 


Are you planning to promote some products, deals, or a service? Email marketing is a great way to exclusively target your subscribers to get the latest information about your promotion. Writing content can support the data behind your promotion, increasing your users’ likelihood of signing up or making a purchase. 

Increase Your Reviews

If you have a good number of subscribers, email marketing would be perfect for asking your subscribers to leave a review. Boosting your reviews will help your local SEO business get found and rank higher up in search results locally rather than overall rankings. This method can build trust with your consumers as potential clients will look into your business reviews, influencing their following action.  

Email marketing can greatly influence your business and help build a stronger relationship with your consumers. If you are looking to increase your business search performance, consider speaking to the team at Boston Web Marketing, where we will tailor and map out an SEO strategy to reach your goals. We’re just a phone call away!

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