How to Clearly Communicate Your SEO Strategy to Your Client

Working in the SEO field can almost feel like being a mime. Okay, not really but trying to explain it can be difficult and usually ends with a flurry of hand gestures. When handling overall SEO efforts for a client’s brand and website, it can be hard to convey precisely what you’re doing and how it’ll help them. You can share x, y, and z with them and expect them to be thrilled, only to be met with a seriously confused reaction. But, can you blame them? After all, the terms “indexing”, “404 redirects”, “web crawlers”, and “SERPs” likely sound like a foreign language to those not well versed. What’s common for us is strange for them, but it’s part of our job to soundly communicate our efforts to our clients. So, let’s go over a few ways we can do that. Read on!

Do Not Presume They Know All the Lingo

To further emphasize an earlier point, every field of work has its own terminology. If you don’t work in a specific field, you likely won’t have much of a clue as to what someone who does work in that field is saying. So, you should approach conversations with your clients in a way where they won’t get lost right as you get started. If your client is new, educate them on general SEO and introduce them to terms you’ll be using frequently. This way, you can get them comfortable with the material and they will soon be able to keep up with what you’re speaking with them about. If you’ve had your client for a while, frequently check to make sure they are still aware of what you’re suggesting and reviewing.

Explain to Them Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing

Clients sign on for SEO services expecting to be drowning in business after month one. This is simply not how it works. SEO takes time and sometimes your client might think you’re not doing anything because they can’t see many big physical changes to their website. It’s important to inform them that a lot of SEO work takes place behind the scenes. They may think the things you’re focusing on, like featured snippets, aren’t that important and question why you’re focusing on them in the first place. This is where it’s your duty to explain why featured snippets, or whatever else you may be working on, is important to overall SEO and SERP visibility.

Use Documentation to Your Advantage

One of the first things you should do when getting a new client is to take a couple screenshots of their search results so you have their original placement on file. As you continue to work their account, continue taking screenshots of ranking improvements. This way, you can back up your efforts with tangible results. Consistently share information like this too. Since SEO can sometimes seem invisible to clients, it’s highly important to share documentation of exactly what you’re doing for them. When they happen, share key wins with them. Not only will this further enforce that you’re doing your job, but it’ll also make them pleased to see they are edging out competitors.

The best approach with your clients is communication. Keep them in the know about what you’re doing and educate them along the way. Keeping people in the dark is only going to result in unhappy clients and potentially canceled accounts. Don’t let the latter be your work reality and utilize our tips!

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