How to Choose the Right SEO Service

The question I get asked most often is which SEO company is the best fit for my business, how do I know they are good?  This is a difficult question to answer.  It really focuses on the individual company needs.  A lot of times, businesses want a team of SEO specialists writing blog content for them, creating back links, answering questions 24/7, adding them to listing sites and social bookmarking platforms – but when it comes down to cost they are unwilling to support the vast amount of man-hours that are invested in such an endeavor. 

Other businesses have a significantly easier category or a more geo-centric reach, making their needs less difficult to achieve and more cost effective.  To work with these businesses and get them found quickly, it could be as simple as creating a tricked out Google Places page, adding a sitemap and page descriptions, and putting blog functionality with an RSS feed on their site. 

To really suggest the appropriate company for your business I usually defer to an established brand, not a one man operation in their mothers basement (You hear about it all the time, and the issues that arise from it).  Though, if you are under a particularly tight budget and have some knowledge, you can make sure even a one man operation is accurately doing the needed work.

The most important thing to understand is that the internet IS important for your business.  Regardless of who you go with, taking a serious approach to your web needs will go a long way in determining how successful or fast your business grows.  Consider your needs, the needs of your business, and how clients/customers will look for you.  Invariably, you will realize that the most important place to be isn’t newspapers, Yellow Pages, radio, or television – but on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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