How to Choose an Optimized Domain Name

Purchasing a domain name is similar to a long term relationship; once you invest in it, you’re committed for awhile. In fact, most sites don’t require you to renew your domain name for a decade — so be sure to give your new URL some thought before you decide to purchase.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

If you don’t have much of an online presence (or none at all), then choosing a domain name is crucial for brand awareness and marketing purposes. Having a relevant domain name to your industry is one of the many ranking factors Google looks for when deciding website visibility and search engine rankings. Head to a hosting website such as, or and search for a domain that’s available.

Note that the more desirable a domain name, the more you will have to pay. Depending on your online strategy, you can either opt for a domain name that’s the same name as your company, or purchase a domain name that describes the service or product you provide to customers.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Domain Name

Don’t just think about how well your URL will market your company! Also keep the customer in mind. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you hit the “Buy” button.

  • Can you hear someone else say your website name? Don’t choose something too common that it isn’t memorable.
  • Does the domain name sound like a brand, or is it generic? Picking a domain that’s too generic won’t set you apart from the rest.
  • Will people be able to pronounce it? If it’s a tongue-twister, then you can say goodbye to word-of-mouth references! Make sure people can properly pronounce your domain name.
  • Is the domain name short enough? Understand that people are lazy. We mean REALLY lazy. You can still optimize your domain for SEO without making it too long. Keep it short and sweet, but not to short that no one knows what you’re trying to market.

Also note that the domain name you want may be taken, so you’ll either have to wait or go through a process to ask permission to have that domain name. Always avoid names that are similar to another company. Although we are now in a world where TLD extensions vary, it’s still important to consider the plain and simple “.com” because it’s more memorable.

If you’re having trouble marketing your brand, don’t be afraid to hire the expert services of an online marketing company!

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