How to Choose a Twitter Username

With Twitter having millions active users, it could be possible that someone may have already have your desired Twitter handle.  Or maybe you’re thinking of rebranding, and you’re trying to come up with a memorable Twitter handle.
Here are some characteristics and best practices when it comes to creating your brand’s Twitter username.
Be original

It’s easier said than done, but having the same or a similar profile name as your competitor, or if your business has multiple locations, makes it harder for users to come across your profile in their search.
Keep it consistent

If your name is taken on one platform, you should consider changing it across all platforms to remain consistent.  This will save your potential followers from other platforms to be able to easily find your Twitter name.
Easy to remember

Along with consistency, your name should be closely related to your brand name, and easy for your audience to recall.
Keep it short

A Twitter name can only be 15 characters long, so if your brand name is lengthy, you can experiment with different ways of shortening it, such as using your brand initials.
Be quick

If you have an idea for your name and you find that it’s available, take it!  You can always change the account name later.
Add a location

If your business has multiple locations, you can consider adding your brand’s initial along with adding in your country, state, or county or city at the end of the Twitter name.


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