How to Check Technical SEO Issues

Unresolved technical SEO issues can cause problems on your website, no matter how great your content is. It’s important to periodically check for these issues to help your site reach its best potential.

At Boston Web Marketing, our experts can help pinpoint and fix any problem areas on your website. If you’re ready for a fully optimized website, give us a call today! Here are a few ways to check the health of your technical SEO.

Website Crawling

Proper website crawling happens through links on a webpage. These links help search engines determine the most important pages on your website and what they’re about. 

Occasionally, it’s important to perform technical link audits on your site. These audits are more helpful for internal linking and seeing where links on your site lead. They also show you what anchor text is being used to help you determine if that is the best choice. 

Once your audit is complete, use a tool like Google Search Console to see where Google is spending most of its time on your website. 

Ensure Search Engines Understand Pages

Once your website is able to be crawled properly, your pages need to be understood. This means, if your pages aren’t optimized for both users and crawlers, your site won’t be rendered correctly, and no one will find it. 

To check this, go to some of the most popular or essential pages on your site. Copy and paste some quotes from that page into Google, and see if your site pops up. You will need to rethink how that content is formatted if it doesn’t. 

Review Indexing

Once you’re certain your site is being crawled and rendered properly, it’s time to check the indexing. This will help you see what pages were chosen to be indexed and why. This can all be done in Google Search Console in the “Inspect” and “Coverage” tabs.

By reviewing your indexing, not only are you able to see what Google is putting in, you’re able to see what needs to be taken out. This can include blog category pages, canonical pages, and any pages that return 404 or another error. 

Improve your Website SEO with Boston Web Marketing

Technical SEO can seem overwhelming when you are busy with other aspects of your business. That is where the experts at Boston Web Marketing come in. Our team can handle all aspects of your website and social media to help you reach your business goals. Talk to our team today to get started!

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