How To Check If Your Website Is Outdated

Nowadays, the digital world is everything. Customers often head to search engines first when looking for a new restaurant, service, or product. When users land on your website, an outdated site will turn them away immediately. No one wants a website that is slow to load, cluttered, or plain old ugly as soon as they enter. It also can be misleading because it makes your business look less credible and disadvantageous to your competitors. Keep your website fresh with a frequent check of your website. Learn below the top four ways to check if your website needs to be updated!

Top Four Ways To Check If Your Website Is Outdated

Is your website old? Discover below four simple ways to see if your website is outdated and could use a redesign.

Hard To Use

If your website is hard to use, it may be an obvious sign that it could use a redesign. Websites that are hard to use are not good for users when they land on your site. If they need help navigating through your website’s different tabs and pages, they will leave and find another website. If users don’t find what they are looking for within the first few seconds after landing on your website, they will immediately move on to the next. Check your homepage and other top landing pages to ensure there is plenty of info and easy ways for users to navigate and convert.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Many users often use their mobile devices when searching on search engines. People are always on the go and often search for things on the road, at work, or as they travel. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is imperative in today’s world. Check your website on both website and mobile to ensure it is easy to navigate and load across all devices. A website that is not mobile-friendly is a big warning sign of an outdated website. If you notice this, choosing a website redesign is a good time. Not only is this aesthetically unpleasing, but for your SEO strategy, Google will rank other sights higher than you for being more mobile-friendly and optimized across all devices. 

Slow Load Times

Another obvious sign that your website is outdated is that your pages load slowly. If a user lands on your website and it takes too long to load, they will immediately hop off and find another quicker sight. No user has the time or patience to wait for something to load, especially when looking for information or an answer to a question. If your website takes over 2 seconds to load, users will hop off and find another one. Clean up your website by removing heavy scripts, plugins, shrinking photos’ size, and installing page speed tools as necessary. 

Cluttered Layout

A fourth way to tell if your website needs to be updated is by looking at your page’s layout. If the website design looks old and cluttered, it must be updated. Freshen your website by cleaning up your content and brightening your design. Focus on the homepage first as it is the face of your website, and often, the page people will land on first. Be sure it is clean, true to your brand, and the point so users immediately get a glimpse of who you are and what you offer. Your website is what users see before they do work or purchase from your business. Remember that and check on your website often so it looks attractive and is informative for your users.

Website Redesign and SEO Services With Boston Web Marketing

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