How To Capitalize On Summer SEO Traffic

For digital marketing professionals and business owners alike, the Summer is a time for seasonal changes. Whether it is developing new social media efforts, creating new landing pages, or curating a new advertising campaign, the new season brings about many marketing questions. These questions and adaptations to seasonal changes are a fantastic way to generate extra traffic and revenue in the Summer. In order to help you curate the perfect seasonal marketing strategy for the Summer, the digital marketing specialists at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our top tips to prep your business with optimal strategy.


Summer Marketing Strategies 


Develop Strong Summer Related Keyword Research:

If you want to create a summer-related digital marketing plan, it is best practice to begin your development with keyword research. Keyword research is the backbone of solid search engine optimization and can help you identify target keywords for your specific business and industry. There are a multitude of different software and resources available to help you find the appropriate keywords and their search volume as you want to know the best high-volume search words available. These words will then help you develop your social media and content marketing strategy.


Curate Summer Relevant Social Media Campaigns:

Once you have developed the keywords and phrases you want to target this Summer, you will want to take them to your social media platforms. Social media marketing is an excellent tool to utilize for a specific campaign or seasonal push, as you can adequately manage distribution and posting times to ensure proper engagement. Not only are social media posts a stellar and effective way to drive traffic to your website, but they also serve as a way for new clientele and shoppers to reach your post. We recommend utilizing summer terminology, content, and related topics in your post to engage with the current season.


Consider Utilizing Influencers:

If you are looking to go the extra mile this Summer to drive up revenue and numbers, consider the usage of influencer marketing. Influencers and other brand collaborators are proven to boost businesses’ presence online. Through your research and marketing efforts, you have the opportunity to identify influencers who are in your realm of interest, potentially making a significant impact on your summer marketing efforts.


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