How to Build Your Brand Online

What is branding? Branding is the way you label your business or product. It is the color, logo design and tag lines you use for your company. People being to associate certain color schemes with your brand. For example, you have McDonald’s with red and yellow, Nike, with “Just Do It.”, and many more.

Why is this important to your business?

Well, ultimately your company’s branding affects its’ exposure. You can present yourself the way you want to, especially online in a world where social media is sitting happily on top.

Branding also affects your bottom line. The way your company is branded, which includes what the company stands for, affects your sales and CTR (click through rate)

The biggest part of branding is imagery. We must first understand that about 30% of our brain is composed of visual processing. This means that basically it isn’t our fault if we are attracted to imagery the most; it is what we are programmed for!

With this being said, your photo and color scheme can affect your conversion rate up to over 50%.

In a study done by Zebra Advertisements, the researchers inserted a picture relating to travel in a Facebook Ad with text in a language the user couldn’t possibly understand. Yet still! They clicked on the ad. This led the researchers, and ultimately advertisers to recognize the importance of imagery.

To optimize your brand, take a look at your pictures and styles. Design your website to sell! Use colors and style that speak to your target audience. Use all of the tools that are available to you! Fonts, themes and filters will help you to add something different to your brand/company. Filters, warm and cool, can affect an audience impression.

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