How To Build The Right Content in 2020 for SEO

At Boston Web Marketing, we have a saying: “Content Is King“. Producing content consistently for your website goes a long way in extending your digital presence. Content can improve the ranking for key services, increase the geographic area you appear in, and increase overall traffic. But when we talk about consistently adding content, sometimes quantity is placed over quality. Content is always beneficial, but to truly optimize your content you need to consider some factors. Creating meaningful content requires research and looking for opportunities where your content is lacking. It also involves looking at SEO trends and how they may apply to your website.

Don’t Just Blog

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, especially coming from a blog, but there are many types of useful content that benefit a website beyond blogging. Blogs can have great positive effects on search engine ranking, but a blog on its own is not always the best choice. Service area pages, service pages, about pages, and similar content should be used in collaboration with a blog to build your website. When you do blog it is important to consider a few things. Who is it for? What questions does it answer? How does it relate to my business? Your blog should always aim to provide relevant industry information. Some companies consider their blogs an extension of their services. By providing useful information to clients their blogs are not just valuable for SEO but also for customers. Blogs should also feature strong calls to action that encourage users to stay longer on your website.

Consider FAQ Content

Does your website have an FAQ page? Could your website benefit from one or multiple FAQ pages? Frequently asked questions are some of the most beneficial pieces of content you can create. Not only are they valuable for adding keywords and internal linking, but they also answer your customer’s questions. The first step to making an FAQ page is to pick the right questions. For a general page, you should mix questions your customers have asked, questions unique to your business (hours, payment methods), and questions that are highly searched. When you create the content you should aim to keep questions and answers short. It is also beneficial to redirect traffic from the FAQ page to another area of the website that goes deeper on the subject. Another strategy is to create multiple FAQ pages for unique services and products you offer. Whichever strategy you choose, you should always use FAQ schema markup to further optimize these pages.

Create Service Area Pages

Service area pages provide the unique benefit of extending your geographic digital range. If your business serves people outside of your office or you have multiple offices, you should create pages for each. Not only does a service area page quickly tell clients where you work, but it teaches search engines where your services are offered. For the best benefit match the service area pages on your website to the service area on your Google My Business listing. Learn more about building strong service area pages.

Content Optimization Services

To learn more about content strategy take a look at our blog for more ideas on content optimization. Or, get a personalized content strategy as part of a free website audit from Boston Web Marketing. Call us to learn more.

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