How Can I Create Brand Awareness on Social Media?

When it comes to social media, most business owners today understand that it’s important to have it, but don’t always know exactly why. From an SEO perspective, it can be useful in driving traffic to your site or to be used for advertising. However, one of the main uses is often overlooked and not taken advantage of. Brand awareness is one of the top and growing purposes for a company to use social media accounts today. So what does it mean to build your brand through social media? Keep reading to find out how you can start branding your company on social media.


Whether you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or the company blog, your online presence should remain consistent. The company logo should be used somewhere in the profile, preferably as the profile picture, to create brand recognition. Using the same graphics, colors, style, language, and tone that are all in line with your brand essence is key. Creating the same posting routine across all platforms can even be helpful, so followers know what to expect. If you post a giveaway on each platform every Tuesday night, people will begin to anticipate this and look forward to it.


Knowing the voice that you want your brand to have, and keeping it consistent is key. You’ll want to decide on the tone, to determine how you will communicate with followers. Will it be fun and casual, or serious and formal? What will the language be like? For example, if your target audience is millennials you may be able to get away with using “slang” and informal verbiage. Lastly, identify the purpose of your social media platforms. Are you posting to educate or entertain? Decide if your posts are going to be informative or simply for fun. If you have more than one person posting on your social media platforms, it’s crucial to make sure they’re all on the same page, to stay in line with the first point of consistency.

Talk Like a Human

It’s important to remember that people are on social media to see things they’re interested in and to engage, not be advertised to. If you’re only posting self-promotional content, your followers will quickly become uninterested. Post real, transparent content that has some sort of purpose to your followers. Try to be informative, and portray your company as the industry expert, while still coming across as a human. When engaging with followers, address them by first name, and don’t be afraid to show some personality.  Although they may not need your services immediately, they’ll remember your brand down the line when they do need a plumber, or electrician, for example.

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