How to Brainstorm Long-tail Keywords Using Netflix

Have you ever wondered how  Netflix comes up with so many obscure categories? Some categories like Oscar-winning Buddy Movies and Raunchy Mad-Scientist Comedies even feature only one movie in the category. Netflix can’t simply just create these names out of the blue, it relies on data collected from the user’s history and their preference set in the past.

As Google emphasizes keywords in its ranking boost, keyword research is extremely important in writing your long-tail keywords. There are two free tools offered by Google that can help in your long-tail keyword generation which allows you to better understand who your users are. Google AdWords has the Keyword Planner tool and Google Analytics has the data on demographics and interests of your customers. In the demographics section, the average age and gender of users are displayed and you can understand these data more by clicking on tabs to see the trend changes. In the interest section, it is split into three categories: Affinity, In-Market Segments, and the Other Category.

Affinity refers to user’s lifestyle, in-market segment identifies users’ purchase interests, and other provides the specific view of the user. To learn more about these categories, visit this guide created by Google.

Following are some long-tail keywords that could be generated based on an audience of predominately male within the 18-40 age group for an online sporting goods store. Their affinity categories are die hard sports fans and body building enthusiasts. Their in-market segments are body building equipment and famous athletes’ apparels. Their other categories are sports news and body building equipment

Here are some long-tail keywords based on information above:

  • Popular Sports Jerseys Sold by Volume
  • Body Building Equipment Recommended by Lee Labrada
  • Apparels that You Would Only See in the Olympics
  • Get Ripped in 30 Days Using These Tools
  • How to Lose the Freshmen 15 by Playing These Sports

With the help of Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics, you would create a better SEO strategy and earn better results.



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