How to Boost Your Facebook Posts Like a Pro

If your company has been on Facebook for a while, you’ve probably have noticed a decline in the amount of organic reach for most of your posts.  With changes made to Facebook’s algorithm over the last few months, your business profile, among others, are now struggling to get noticed in your users’ over-saturated newsfeeds.

So how do you get around this?  How can your posts gain more engagement?

Here’s how: Boosting.

How to Effectively Boost Your Facebook Posts

A boosted post is similar to a Facebook sponsored posts that allows business profiles to showcase their content to rank higher and appear more in a user’s newsfeed for a fee.  The cost of the boosted post depends upon how many users you like you reach.

Boosting a Facebook post is an effective way to better promote new products or services offered by your business.  Since organic reach has unpredictable value, there is a chance your latest hot product release can get lost among all the memes, birthday wishes, and Buzzfeed quizzes.  Boosting a post also encourages visits to your business’s website if you include links to the product or service page.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to boosting a post includes:

Establishing a goal

Are you trying to increase your brand awareness, or get more traffic to your website?  Whatever your reasoning, keep a goal in mind of what you are trying to gain out of boosting your posts.

Know your target audience

The performance of your posts relies on who you are targeting.  Depending upon the kind of content you want to promote, you should create audiences for specific kind of content.  Decide who you want to promote your content to based off location, age, gender, and of course, interest.

Find the perfect time and duration to boost

The time of day you choose to boost a post affects the level of engagement you may obtain.  If you’re in the process of revamping your social media strategy, boost your posts at varied times so you can better determine how your audience will interact with your content.

How long you boost the post for is also an important factor to determine the amount of likes, comments, and shares your particular post will receive.

Boost popular posts

Recently posted a blog that got you a lot of website traffic?  Are your followers loving your recent pictures from a company event?  Take this opportunity to further your reach by boosting posts that had a high engagement rate organically.

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