How to Boost SEO in a Day

As long as search engines continue to rule the internet by looking to answer everyone’s questions, companies like Boston Web Marketing will continue to push their clients into a position where they’re the answer to those questions. If you’re at the top of the SERPS, there is a 33% chance you’ll be clicked. This means every little thing matters if you’re on the bottom of the first page, or even worse, not even on the first page. Here are just a few ways you may be able to improve your results in as quick as a day.

Know what your competition’s keywords are and use them

To inform your ad copy use your competitor’s weaknesses. An eye-catching copy is always a plus while maintaining keywords used by customers to find you and your competitor’s brands. Consider this: Potential customers are specifically searching for a competitor of yours, but it will take something different and eye-catching to potentially draw them away from the brand they’re already familiar with.

What to keep in mind when selecting which keywords to borrow from your competitors:

  • Always choose the easiest keywords first ( i.e. those that are easy to create content for)
  • Pick keywords similar to your own and that you know convert well
  • Go for high volume, low difficulty, high organic click-through rate.

Don’t forget local SEO

While it’s always a great idea to think big or global, it’s also equally as important to not forget about local SEO. Statistics show that 50% of consumers who search locally on their smartphone visit a store that same day. Make sure your brand is ranking for keywords in your local area. Brick and mortar businesses could be losing out to competitors simply just off of this.

Just by making your brand visible through a number of local listings, your local SEO can improve. Don’t forget to use your local keywords when creating unique descriptions across multiple listings, current photos, and of course include your business’ category.

Another way to boost local SEO is making sure you have plenty of links to your website, so make sure these links are also high-quality links. If you use low-quality links or even worse, acquire them from a link farm, you may actually be doing more damage than good.

The easiest way to boost local SEO is by claiming your My Google My Business profile. These business listings show up for local searches, so you need to have a physical location and street address to set up or claim a listing.

Crawl your site for broken links and duplicate tags

Always make sure your content is original. Duplicate content will get your website pushed past the first page, and could ultimately hurt your business. You might encounter content duplication issues on your site while creating new blogs or articles, mainly if you are using a content management system such as WordPress, which is known to create duplicate pages that affect your SEO.


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