How to Boost SEM Conversion During the Summer Slump

Search volume is slow for most businesses from the beginning of June until mid-August. Why you ask? Because with kids out of school, weary workers on vacation, and everyone looking to enjoy fun in the summer sun, search volume on almost all platforms declines. It’s likely that this seasonal summer slump will make meeting your monthly SEM conversion goals much harder than in seasons prior.

Luckily, summer is the perfect time to change things up in terms of your SEM strategy. Take advantage of the slow season to implement different or even experimental optimization techniques that can give your low conversion numbers a boost. Need some inspiration? Check out these 3 tips.


1. Try Broad Matching

While tight match types are often a requirement of well-managed PPC accounts in order to reach a strategically defined target group, too much focus on exact phrasing can exclude a variety of potential customers. Broad matching queries are less “sure” in terms of consistent results; Nevertheless, broader search terms can give your volume an instant boost in addition to increasing account growth through queries you never thought of before.


2. Enhance Your CPC

Enhanced CPC is an option in campaign settings that most marketers don’t utilize. This feature allows Google to increase your bid 30% more than your currently set bid when the algorithm determines a user has a strong probability of converting. This is a key technique during the slow season as enhanced CPC can give you a competitive edge over competitors in capturing conversions.

3.Review & Test Negative Keywords

While some keywords should remain on your negative keyword list due to your specific industry, company needs, or performance goals, others are added simply due to seasonal changes, formerly undesirable results, or even by mistake. The slow season is the perfect time to reevaluate the performance of your keywords to remove any negatives that no longer apply, retest current negatives, or consider vetting them.


Take a proactive approach to the summer slump and you could be surprised by the benefits it has for your SEM conversion volume and overall web traffic. With a few simple tests, adjustments, and new ideas, your activity during your slow season could lead to additional customers you would have never considered. With only a few weeks left until the busy season returns, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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