How to Boost Engagement on Your Business Facebook Page

Alright, you just received one of  those regular Facebook page update emails and you see the dreaded red font with the “-” in front of the People Engaged category.  What to do?  Here are some tips to help boost those engagement numbers and get people interested again.

  • Don’t forget that Facebook is called social media for a reason.  You want to use your page to interact with people not just hawk your product or services.  While you may think that your stuff is exciting all by itself, few people want to keep coming back to your page to read about why your exterior paint is the greatest.  Start a conversation, share tips, make your updates relatable and something that people would want to share with each other.
  • Use interesting and attractive photos.  Images that stir up some emotion get about 39% more engagement than a regular post.
  • Make your posts entertaining or informative.  That’s the stuff that gets comments and shares.
  • Collaborate with similar or complimentary businesses.  Share ideas or start discussions, that way you can leverage the other page’s audience and attract some new members for your own.
  • Don’t be afraid to hop onto trends.  Something that is widely popular or going viral is the hot thing of the moment.  Find a way to jump on the bandwagon.  At least for a short time.
  • Free stuff!  Contests, giveaways, and games.  Everybody loves them and it’s a great way to get that engagement up!
  • Become an expert.  Just like with your website, the more reliable and valuable your content, the more people will seek it out.

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