How to Boost Conversions on Your Website

The key goal of a business doing SEO is to increase visibility. With this being said, however, it is also important to see growth in conversions as well. Did you know that you can strategize your SEO to work on increasing this growth month-to-month and year-to-year? These strategies encompass some of the basics of SEO, including page build, functionality and user experience. Let’s take a look at some of these items today!

Add a Sticky Footer

Sticky footers can be a simple way to boost call conversions on your website. With a little bit of simple HTML & CSS, you can have an all-new addition to your mobile site. While typical clickable phone numbers are in a specific area of a page, and that is all, this provides a clickable phone number that is “stuck” to the bottom of a mobile site, claiming about 50px or so of space. This makes it easier for the user to convert, meaning that they will be more likely.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are the most important thing to have on your website. They are where the users can inquire if they have questions or want your services. This being said, by placing them on every single page, there is a higher chance they will convert, and similarly, you will also want to have the contact form to be above the fold, meaning that you do not need to scroll down the page to see it. This is important because it involves less effort on the part of the user to get to the contact form, meaning that they are more likely to convert as well.


Making sure that phone numbers and email addresses are clickable is important because this can be used on both ends. In terms of mobile devices, having both be clickable is great because you can do all of those things on your phone if you have a smartphone. Similarly, if we are speaking about desktop devices, email addresses can be great for people who are not necessarily comfortable with filling out the contact form.

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