How to Better Utilize Social Media Pages

How can I better make use of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest? There are a number of things you can do with your social media accounts to captivate your customer base. First of all, make sure you are always adding fresh, new, evergreen content.  It is amazing how quickly the smallest blog posts and social media posts can add up. After a month or two of consistent posting, you will have so much more high-quality material. You don’t have to write essays each time; fluctuate through the various types of content updates. Use pictures, videos, product information, industry chatter, customer reviews, and opinion pieces add to your organic content. When you post images, make sure you include an alt text on the image and a brief description of the image, so the text can be indexed.

Comment on news and current events from your company’s viewpoint. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets give you the opportunity to share your character with your customers and enthusiasts; people want to follow your company.  They want to know who you actually are, not just your brand and logo.  A picture of your staff is much more attracting than a picture of your office, this adds a little personality and gives a human touch to an online transaction.  And it’s another day of captivating blog content. Next thing you know, your site will a valuable resource. Bloggers will be linking back to your site on their blogs and joining in on your discussions. Take a look at Forbes 25 ways to grow your social media presence for more ideas. Search engines will recognize you as a site people are looking for and your rankings will improve.

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