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How to Begin Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process of gathering and searching for keywords that match the objectives of a given website. When doing keyword research, you should be searching for keywords you want to rank for and keywords you should rank for. Keyword research is a fundamental SEO tactic that can help a site improve and expand its search rankings. 

The keyword research process is essential because it allows you to learn and understand what people are searching for specifically. Without keyword research, you’re just assuming what your customers are looking for, their needs, and the language they’re using. Keyword research is constantly revisited as it is that important for a website and its content. In this post, you will continue learning about keyword research and where to begin when doing it!


The first step in keyword research is to analyze the current keywords. If you’re already using an existing set of keywords that you’re trying to rank for on the site you are working on, they need to be analyzed. It is essential to be aware of how these current keywords are performing. To research keywords, you can use tools or search them on Google to see where they’re currently ranking. Searching on Google won’t give you the previous ranking history of these keywords, though. 

Next, using Google Search Console, you can discover which keywords your site is already ranking for. Using all of this information you have gathered on keywords, you will know which are ranking low and need help, which ones are good, and you will find new keywords that will assist with other SEO work such as content and link building!


Creating goals will give you a sense of direction in your search for keywords. With having goals, your site will have a greater chance of SEO success. Knowing your target audience, what their needs are, etc., are all great things to know and will help guide your process. Having thought about goals before beginning keyword research will save time, effort and will avoid targeting the wrong things.

Assess Competition

This step in the keyword research process is critical. Thinking about your competition and what they’re doing is always something to consider. Knowing what your competition is ranking for and what you’re not is an excellent source of finding keywords. 


After going through the above steps, it is time to implement your keyword research onto your website. Optimizing the keywords you want to rank for within your website, links, and content will boost your site’s rankings and SEO. Keyword research is vital for a site’s success so, make sure you’re covering all the bases and fully optimizing!

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