How To Avoid Your Google Ranking From Dropping

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and if your website ranks well on Google, it can make a huge difference for your business. With that said, it is important to remember that Google search ranking results are not permanent and a website can drop down on Google at any given point. After putting in hard work, it can be disappointing to see your Google ranking drop down on a particular search query. Here are five SEO strategies to implement for your website to lower the chances your Google Ranking drops.  

1. Stay Up To Date With Google Algorithms

Google usually undergoes a few hundred algorithm changes a year. It is important to keep that in mind and generate content that aligns with its algorithms. Most of Google’s algorithm changes will not affect SEO rankings drastically but there are usually a few significant changes a year.

2. Focus on High Ranking Keywords

It is essential to know which keywords are ranking well and often being searched for in your respective industry. Tools such as Google Search Console can help website owners understand which keywords are driving the most traffic to their website and hone in on them.

3. Write Original and Lengthy Content

Google can often tell when content is not original or duplicated. Unoriginal and duplicate content does not tend to rank well on Google search results. Writing original and lengthy content will increase the chances your content ranks well.

4. Review Your Website Technical Data

A website’s technical data can often be overlooked but it is an essential factor in terms of having a high-ranking website. To ensure your technical data is in good standing, here are some factors to consider:

5. Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Staying ahead of your competition is another helpful way to avoid falling below them on search engine results. There are numerous ways to stay ahead of your competition. For starters, if they are only writing one blog a month, try writing two. If they do not have a photo gallery section, consider adding a photo gallery section to your website. Anything you can do better than your competitors will increase the chances you can jump them in search results.

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