How to avoid future hits after recovering from Pandas Penalties?

Being penalized by Panda can be detrimental to a website’s traffic. Experiencing a major drop in organic traffic from Google can lead to a company losing a substantial amount of money. Once your site recovers from a penalty you must make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here are a few steps to make sure you don’t get penalized by Panda for a second time:

  1. Through Google analytics and webmasters tools, analyze your sites top landing pages from Google’s organic search. Google gains much of its user engagement data from your websites main landing pages. It is a great place to first check if there are any glaring issues. It is important to check that these pages have quality content and no broken links.
  2. You should review your mobile site and it’s traffic. Make sure to review your website through a mobile device and everything works smoothly. Mobile searches are on the rise which means if 25% of your traffic is through mobile devices, than thats 25% of the data that Google analyzes when it comes to Panda.
  3. Use a real human to review. Many people don’t go through the process of having real people go through the process of testing a site and providing feedback. A possible suggestion is to have a 3rd party go through your website and provide useful feedback. Have this 3rd party go through and  document if something sounds weird, looks spammy, any content issues, spelling or grammatical errors, technical glitches, etc.

Going through these post recovery steps can help keep the Panda away!

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