How To Audit Your Website

If you want to get the most out of your website, you need to learn how to audit it. There is so much you can learn about the infrastructure of your website when you know what to look for in the audit. Website audits are a great way to learn more about how your website’s SEO is faring. Here are some of the best and most successful methods to use when it is time to give your website an audit.

Choose A Website Audit Tool

There are many FREE website audit tools available. From Ahrefs to Screamingfrog to Semrush to many more, find the one you are most comfortable with and play around with it. These free website audit tools can analyze your website and give you a breakdown. By running your website through a website audit, you will learn about all the SEO and technical errors across your site.

Take Notes

Once you are informed of these errors, make note of them. Most are easily correctable and once they are corrected, your website will rank better on search engines. Errors can range from crawl errors, slow page loading times, poor mobile-friendliness, broken links, etc.

Analyze Your Websites Content

Website audit tools will tell you which pages on your website are ranking well and which ones are not. Use this information to see which keywords are working on some pages and which ones are not.

Look Deeper at The SEO Data

When you audit your website, whichever tool you use will help you identify SEO shortcomings. SEO Errors can be:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Lack of Page Titles or Meta Descriptions
  • Lack of Alt text on photos
  • Google Analytics Errors
  • Internal Link Errors

All these common SEO errors are important ranking factors for search engines. Remember that SEO errors can affect your website’s ranking on a search engine page. Once you notice an SEO error on your website, it is important to address it quickly.

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