How to Attract More Attention to Facebook Posts

If you run social media accounts for your business, you know it can be difficult to attract attention to your posts. Getting more people to engage with your posts is great for your business’ social media presence, building brand awareness, and can point to more leads for your business. Test out our tips below to try to attract more attention to your Facebook posts and step your social media game up!

  1. Ask a Question– Encourage feedback from followers and customers by asking them a question. Some questions you may as could be about what customers want to see next from your business, what their favorite product is and why, or how you can improve your services.
  2. Add a Location- Adding your location is a great way to get your post viewed by more people. Some cases where you could use this is if you are sharing photos from a recent job and tagging the town so people who are in that town or searching for anything in the area may come across your post.
  3. Tag Other Pages/People- This strategy can be especially effective for e-commerce websites, tagging the brand that you are advertising. People who follow the brand page are more likely to see your post.
  4. Add a Photo- The odds of people paying attention to and engaging with your posts increases significantly when adding a photo or other visuals. Be sure to add photos to your posts and see the difference it will make!


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