How To Adjust To The Helpful Content Updates

The landscape of search engine optimization is constantly changing in order to best reflect a user’s experience on a website. Google consistently makes updates to their algorithms in order to accomplish this, and a pretty substantial update was just released that could change the way it orders its pages. This is the helpful content update, which essentially means that Google wants to see content written by people for people in order for you to rank high. This concept can be a little confusing to understand at first, which is why we’ll offer our best tips for adjusting your work to this update below!

Aim To Answer A Common Question

One of the biggest points that Google wants to drive home with the new update is writing content for people first, not search engines. Your content should accomplish two things: acknowledging a question that many people have about your industry, and using expertise to answer that question. The main idea, according to Google itself, is that readers should feel that they’ve learned enough about a topic to help them achieve their goal. Highlighting a common question and providing enough data to answer it is the best means of accomplishing this.

Don’t Create Content For Search Engines

While it may be tempting to create content for the sole purpose of ranking well on search engines, this practice is now largely frowned upon by Google! So, what do we mean when we say “creating content for search engines”? If you’re writing a piece of content about a subject simply because that subject is trending, that’s an example of what we mean. You shouldn’t be writing about trendy topics for the sake of being trendy or piling multiple topics into one piece in the hopes that it ranks well. If you’re going to write about a viral subject, make sure that you’re answering a question that people have about it!

Scan Through The Rich Snippets

Google’s search engine results pages feature rich snippets, which are other ways of displaying results besides the standard link and corresponding text blurb. The main one you want to take a look at here is the “People also ask” section, which gives you a host of questions that are related to the topic that you’re searching for. For example, if you search for used car parts, you may get questions about which car parts are worth the most money. By using a broader topic to identify specific questions that people have, you can generate a lot of topics that answer them!

Crafting The Perfect SEO Strategy With Boston Web Marketing

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